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Say Hello to PACAPACA
A totaly free alternative communication software for Pocket PC and Mobile devices. It is simple, and it works!


     PACA stands for Personal Alternative Communication Aid, a totaly free dedicated speech generating software running on a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and Mobile Devices designed for users with communication impairments or specialized needs. [Features & Benefits]

PACAPACA main features:
  • Highly Configurable Dictionary Set
  • Extendible Speech Support
  • 8 Symbol Set Categories
  • User Friendly Design, suited for children
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Multiple Platform Support. PDA/Mobile.

PACAPACA works using a pre-defined dictionary of words along with their speech sound. Each word in the dictionary assigned to one of 8 available categories. The user sees the list in a standard layout, and can switch categories using the category side bar. When a word is chosen from the list, it disappears from the list and appears in the sentence bar, every following word that will be chosen, will appear after the last one, forming a sentence. When pressing a word in the sentence bar, the word disappears and appears back into the list. When the sentence is formed, pressing the speech button, will speak the whole sentence. [Try it!]

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